List of Major Properties Managed On-site


Commercial facility with multiple major tenants located in front of Kawasaki Station

* The first city center redevelopment project planned by SPC.

* We provide all management services ranging from opening preparations to operations and post-opening management and management association activities, including Merchandising Plan proposal, tenant leasing, establishment of an operations management system, and opening promotions.

* Renovated in April 2010.

Facility Profile
Address8 Ekimae Hon-cho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture
Structure and scaleReinforced steel and concrete, steel
Total floor space38,614.73m²
Total retail space27,581.82m²
Parking capacity180 Vehicles (separate facility) * Affiliated parking area: Times Station Kawasaki
OpenedSeptember 2003
Number of storesApprox. 40
Tenant compositionTOHO Cinemas Kawasaki, Tokyu Hands, Aoi Bookstore, P.S.FA, Uniqlo, OUTLET-J, Irasiku, Bunkyodo Hobby, ABC-MART, g.u., OWNDAYS, TSUTAYA, Fit Care DEPOT, VARUNA, Karada Stretch, Restaurants/Cafes, and more

●5 min walk from kawasaki Station on the JR Line

●1 min walk from kawasaki Station on the Keikyu Line

As of January 2013