List of Major Properties Managed On-site

ASPIA Akashi

Iconic multipurpose facility at the center of Akashi City integrating commercial facilities, parking, and municipal agencies

* As a large, centralized retail center with parking, housing, and municipal agencies on the upper floors, this facility was designed to revitalize and streamline the streetscape at the center of Akashi City.

* The company has taken over facility operations from Akashi Chiiki Shinko Kaihatsu K.K., a joint public/private venture based in Akashi City, and now handles all aspects of facility management, including Merchandising Plan proposal, tenant leasing, operations management, establishment of an operations management system, sales promotions, and parking management.

* The company assumed responsibility for property management in April 2013.

Facility Profile
NameASPIA Akashi
Address6-1 Higashinakano-cho, Akashi-shi, Hyogo Prefecture
Structure and scaleReinforced steel, concrete Partially steel-framed 14 above-ground and one below-ground levels
Total floor spaceNorth and South: 80,936m² East: 10,263m²
Total retail space17,778m²
Parking capacity662 vehicles
OpenedNovember 2001
Number of storesApprox. 90
Tenant compositionFashion: anyFAM, anySIS, and Benetton
Fashion sundries: ABC Mart and Claire's
Hobbies: Tower Records and LIBRO
Food: Super Maruhachi
Toys: Toys“R”Us
Restaurants/Cafes, and more

●3 min walk from JR Akashi Station or Akashi Station on the Sanyo Electric Railway Line

As of April 2013