Privacy Policy

Safeguarding Personal Information

This policy describes the purpose, use, and handling of personal information gathered and retained by the Company in compliance with laws and regulations governing the handling of personal information.

1.Corporate Policy on Personal Information

Acting in accordance with the spirit and letter of the laws and regulations that protect personal information, the Company has established and implemented a Personal Information Protection Policy and Personal Information Protection Regulations.

[Personal Information Protection Policy]

The Company complies with all laws, regulations, and other rules that apply to personal information, including personal information on customers, trading partners, and other parties required for the Company’s business activities. The Company has established and complies with rules and systems based on the personal information protection policy described below.

1. In collecting, using, or providing personal information, the Company specifies the purpose of all such actions to the extent possible and complies with all laws, regulations, and other rules regarding personal information.

2. The Company obtains personal information only by legal and fair means. At no time will it obtain such information through improper means. In all cases, the Company will either obtain the consent of the individuals regarding the purpose of use of the personal information or provide this information on its website.

3. The Company has designated an individual to oversee the management of personal information, to ensure the efficacy and propriety of such management, and to safeguard against external leaks of such information. The company has taken every possible measure to prevent unauthorized external access, loss, or destruction of personal information. In the event of any such incidents, the Company will take swift and effective corrective measures.

4. The Company pledges to respond in a timely manner on receiving a legally valid request for disclosure, correction, or cessation of use of personal information from the individual to whom the personal information applies.

5. The Company will continue to review and strengthen the rules and systems used to implement its personal information protection policy.

2. Personal Information Retained by the Company and Purpose of Use

The Company uses personal information for the following primary purposes:

1.Inquiries regarding management operations, store openings, and facilities

2.Responses to inquiries

3.Information regarding job applicants

4.Contact regarding employment

3.Provision to and Joint Use of Personal Information with Third Parties

The Company will establish and implement separate measures before sharing personal information with third parties. The Company will not provide personal information to third parties.If it becomes necessary to share personal information with third parties, the Company will take the appropriate measures.

4.Protecting Personal Information Retained by the Company

The Company trains executives, employees, and all other individuals whose responsibilities include the handling of personal information to ensure the rigorous management and safekeeping of such information.

5.Subcontracted processing of Personal Information retained by the Company

The Company shall conclude all necessary contracts before subcontracting the disposal of personal information and related documents in its possession. The Company will also manage and supervise the handling thereof.

6.Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

Please contact the Company with any questions or requests related to the disclosure, correction, or cessation of use of personal information provided to the Company. (Contact information is listed below.) We will inform you of any related procedures. Please note that we may not be able to fulfill all requests, depending on the nature of the request.

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October 1, 2006
Prime Place Co., Ltd.
Takeo Inui, Representative Director