Top Message

We are always obliged to you for your kindness to Prime Place.

Previously involved in property management for commercial facilities developed by Tokyo Tatemono Co., Prime Place in recent years has branched out to operate commercial facilities outside the Group, mainly on behalf of J-REITs and investment funds. We’re also in the process of developing several new businesses, including renovation projects arising from our property management activities, accounts handling, and sales promotion businesses.

As a property management firm specializing in commercial facilities for the Tokyo Tatemono Group, a comprehensive developer, we handle all aspects of tenant leasing, tenant relations, and operating cost optimization with an eye to the future. We strive to achieve added value and to maximize cash flow and asset value for commercial facilities based on operating capabilities developed and refined through extensive experience with existing facilities and our unique information gathering expertise.

With continually diversifying needs and values, commercial facilities are no longer simply locations for selling things; increasingly, they are expected to fulfill a wider range of roles. Interpersonal ties are important, as is the knowledge that commercial facilities can help create even better communities. With this in mind, we’re committed to operating the facilities under our management with the goal of maximizing their value.

We appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

Takeo Inui, Representative Director
Prime Place Co., Ltd.