Corporate Characteristics

Our goal is to achieve stable, long-term facility operations by applying our expertise and extensive experience with commercial facilities.

Ordinary passive real estate management seeks to maintain asset value. Based on our track record in developing and operating various types of facilities and handling a wide range of client needs, Prime Place strives to achieve an active brand of property management that maximizes cash flow and asset value.

Track record of managing
a range of facility types
We provide optimal solutions based on our track record of developing and operating various facilities, ranging from urban commercial facilities and multipurpose facilities to so-called “fashion buildings” and suburban shopping centers.
Client diversity
We’re well-equipped to handle the needs of a wide range of organizations, from local authorities to J-REIT and private fund asset management companies, third sector entities, and management associations.
Maximizing revenue
We maximize revenue and achieve high tenancy and operational rates through optimal tenant solutions and promotional activities that accurately identify tenant and consumer needs.
We strive to optimize facility management costs by identifying issues and problems based on the characteristics of the specific facility, ranging from reviews of facility management firms to implementing cost management measures.