By operating and managing commercial facilities, Prime Place delivers the highest satisfaction to customers, clients, and tenants while helping create active, vibrant regions.

01. Commercial and multipurpose facility property management (on-site)
The most appropriate operation and management through relations based in our wealth of experience
02. Commercial and multipurpose facility property management (off-site)
Performing the most appropriate operation and management for the facility through flexible handling not tied down to the facility scale or area.
03. Development and renovations consulting
Proposing and implementing plans the mesh with the region and facility based on our various development track records and existing facility renovation track records.
04. Management and operations consulting
Organizing problem points, selecting issues, and supporting the improvement of facility management.
05. Merchandising and tenant leasing
Proposing the most appropriate merchandising and tenant relations based on market needs.
06. Marketing surveys
Performing market surveys based on our wealth of experience and accumulated data.
07. Advertising, and sales promotion
Proposing and implementing the most appropriate plans based on our promotion track record specialized in commercial facilities.
08. Account services
Providing account services through our plentiful management track records and establishing dedicated systems.