As professionals specializing in commercial facility business, we provide total management service ranging from basic development and renovation planning to operations management after the facility opens.

Before Opening
We perform surveys and analyses and draft basic plans before the start of commercial facility development or renovation.
  • Site assassment analyses
  • Competitiveness surveys
  • Tenant needs surveys
  • Drafting development/
    Merchandising concepts
  • Support for basic design drafts
  • Drafting business earnings and expenditures plans
Based on these surveys and analyses, we propose development and renovation concepts and help draft an implementaion plan in anticipation of post-opening operations and management requirements.
  • Support for implementation planning
  • Commerce environment planning
  • Merchandising and zoning planning
  • Tenant leasing
  • Permit applications and negotiations
  • Draft plans for operations menagement
We undertake all necessary opening preparaitions to finalize implementaion plans.
  • Tenant leace contracts
  • Inteior maintenance
  • Drafting operating plans end regulations
  • Drafting operating promotion plans
  • Drafting ceremonial plans
  • Performing tenant information sessions
  • Tenant-only area handover
  • Tenanr opening progress management and instruction

Post Opening
We emphasize interpersonal communications.In putting our brand of commercial facility management into practice, we regard properties as places that help build better communities.
  • Customer/Neighborhoot care
  • Opening promotion
  • Organizing ceremonies
  • Special security/cleaning
  • Anticipating and addressing issues related to building opening
Striving to maximize Net Operating Income (NOI), we provide optimal management methods tailored to client needs and to the scale of a particular facility.
  • Tenant relations
  • Tenant leasing
  • Tenant opening/closure management
  • Routine promotions
  • Facility management
  • Operations management related to vehicle and bicycle parking
  • Accounts
  • Budget drafting and management
  • Monthly reports
We propose measures that revitalize facilities in response to the current trends and market needs
  • Marketing surveys
  • Existing tenant assessment and analysis
  • Renovation planning
  • Investment planning
  • Business earnings and expenditures planning
  • Tenant hearing and leasing
  • Interior maintenance